What is FirmWorks?

Founded by Mitch Bradley, the principal architect of Open Firmware, FirmWorks can provide everything from a turn-key solution for your Open Firmware needs to assistance in the creation of your own implementation.

FirmWork's Open Firmware products are implementations of software conforming to IEEE Standard 1275-1994 for various processors, hardware architectures, buses, operating systems and devices.

Meet the FirmWorks Staff

NameTitleEMail AddressTelephone
Manny BautistaSenior Accountant manny@firmworks.com510-324-8510
William M. (Mitch) Bradley President and Chief Technical Officerwmb@firmworks.com 510-324-8510
Gregory R. Hill Director of Technical Communications and Sales Manager gregh@firmworks.com510-324-8510
Mark W. Insley Senior Staff Engineermwi@firmworks.com 510-324-8510
Michael A. PerrySenior Staff Engineer perry@firmworks.com510-324-8510
Gudrun PolakManager of Operations gudrun@firmworks.com510-324-8510
John W. Semion Vice President and CFO jws@firmworks.com510-324-8510
Lilian Walter Senior Staff Engineerlilian@firmworks.com 510-324-8510

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Last Modified: February 9, 2001