Mitch Bradley

Chief Technical Officer

BEEE - Vanderbilt University

CPGS - Cambridge University

MSEE - Stanford University

Bradley joined Sun Microsystems in 1982, handling a variety of technical roles, including hardware design, operating system software work and system-level troubleshooting. In 1986 Bradley conceived and began development of OpenBoot® firmware, which first shipped on Sun's SPARCstation(tm) 1 system. Bradley led Sun's firmware development team from 1986 until 1993, during which time Sun shipped approximately one million copies of OpenBoot(tm) firmware and licensed its source code to numerous other SPARC system vendors. Also during that time, Bradley organized and led the IEEE 1275 working group to develop the IEEE Standard 1275-1994.

Bradley resigned from Sun to focus on supporting the many companies who were adopting Open Firmware. In response to the growing popularity of Open Firmware and the resulting increased need for service and support, Bradley founded FirmWorks in 1994.

Bradley is chairman of the Open Firmware Working Group and vice chairman of the X3J14 ANS Forth Technical Committee.

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