Open Firmware Boot Firmware for StrongARM

System ROM Code

An Open Firmware boot firmware implementation for the StrongARM processor is now available from FirmWorks. This implementation is the recommended firmware implementation for use on the Digital Network Appliance Reference Design.

Open Firmware, formally described by IEEE Standard 1275-1994, is the first non-proprietary open-standard boot firmware that is usable on different processors and buses.

Open Firmware includes:

FirmWorks's Open Firmware implementation for StrongARM complies with:

This implementation supports:

The core technology of FirmWorks's Open Firmware is a small, fast, efficient Forth micro-kernel enabling powerful, interactive debugging and automated system configuration.

This mature code is based on a field-proven implementation and can be easily ported to your specific system architecture.


Technical Support Available:



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Last Modified: September 30, 1997