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The PowerPC(tm) Reference Platform Specification, Version 1.0, states the following:

Obtaining Additional Information

Several sources exist for obtaining additional information about the PowerPC and the PowerPC Reference Platform.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information on the PowerPC processor or on the PowerPC Reference Platform may use the following sources:

* IBM at 1-800-POWERPC (1-800-769-3772) in the U.S.A. (MPR-PPC-RPU-02 is the number for the PowerPC Reference Platform Version 1.0) [Ed. note: This number is manned from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m Central time.]

* If the 1-800-POWERPC number can not be reached or if multilingual operators are required, use 1-708-296-9332.

* IBM at (39)-39-600-4295 in Europe.

* Motorola at 1-800-845-MOTO (1-800-845-6686).

Copies of the "PowerPC Reference Platform Specification" may be obtained from these numbers. Hardware system vendors may obtain IBM design kits which give further information on the reference implementation by contacting IBM at the numbers listed above or at the following numbers:

* Within Europe (33)-6713-5757 in French

* Within Europe (33)-6713-5756 in Italian

* Within Europe (49)-511-516-3444 in English

* Within Europe (49)-511-516-3555 in German

* Within Asia (81)-755-87-4745 in Japanese

An electronic forum on CompuServe has been established for the discussion of PowerPC Reference Platform topics and for obtaining answers to questions on the PowerPC Reference Platform. Go to the "PowerPC" forum on CompuServe and join the "Reference Platform" topic. These is a summary of the "PowerPC Reference Platform Specification" in the library of the PowerPC forum.

Several white papers are available from IBM at 1-512-838-5552. These papers expand on the information in this specification. The papers which were available at the time of publishing this specification are as follows:

* "PowerPC 60x PCI Bus Bridge Implementation for PowerPC Reference Platform" by Yongjae Rim

* "Bi-Endian Designs in PowerPC Reference Platform" by Shien-Tai Pan

* "Symmetric Multiprocessing" by Don McCauley

* "PowerPC Endian Switch Code" by Gary Tsao

* "Plug and Play for PowerPC Reference Platform" by Gary Tsao

* "L2 Cache Design for PowerPC" by Allan Steel

A paper, "The PowerPC Reference Platform Specification and Machine Abstraction" by Allan Steel, is available in the Spring Compcon 94 digest.

For AIX license and product information, contact David Hall, AIX OEM Relations, at 512-838-2088.

Software vendors interested in proting their applications to AIX on PowerPC can contact the AIX Power Team General Information Line at 1-800-222-2363.

A Windows NT porting center is available to help vendors who are interested in porting their products to the PowerPC Reference Platform. The center can be contacted at 1-800-803-0110 or 1-206-889-9011, or at

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