Common Hardware Reference Platform (CHRP) Documentation

The Common Hardware Reference Platform (CHRP) Specification is documented in the book "PowerPC(tm) Microprocessor Common Hardware Reference Platform: A System Architecture" (ISBN 1-55860-394-8) published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc. The publisher can be reached at:

Telephone: +1-415-392-2665
Fax: +1-415-982-2665
Order desk: 800-745-7323

The CHRP specification can also be obtained from IBM and Motorola:

In the USA: 800-769-3772
(Multilingual operators)
In Europe: +39-39-600-4455

Motorola: 800-845-6686

The CHRP specification and a number of related documents (including Open Firmware binding documents) are also available on the Web. These documents include:

The CHRP specification, errata and other documents (including Open Firmware binding documents) are available by anonymous FTP. These documents include:

In Europe, the CHRP specification is also available on a bulletin board service (BBS) at +39-39-600-5076. The BBS supports up to 28.8Kbps.

Hardware vendors may obtain information on IBM components or design kits which give further information on their reference implementation by contacting IBM at the following numbers:
USA: 800-769-3772
Within Europe: +33-6713-5757 in French
Within Europe: +33-6713-5756 in Italian
Within Europe: +49-511-516-3444 in English
Within Europe: +49-511-516-3555 in German
In Asia: +81-755-87-4745 in Japanese

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