FirmWorks's Open Firmware is the key to providing you with exactly what you need for your hardware products. With Open Firmware, you choose what your hardware will present to the end-user. FirmWorks will work with you to provide the out of box experience you want your customers to have. Hardware running FirmWorks's Open Firmware no longer looks (or acts) like a PC. With our customizable interfaces and startup screens, you can choose what your customers see.

FirmWorks's Open Firmware is highly customizble, configurable and works with the operating system to setup your hardware the way you want it to. Open Firmware is not BIOS, and FirmWorks is not a BIOS company only concerned about shipping one size fits all firmware for the x86 market. FirmWorks is the UnBIOS company. We want your hardware to look like you want it to, and we work with you to achieve that goal.